New Bill area

When we launch stage one, this page will contain all newly proposed bills.  Any participant in Direct Congress will be able to search & sort through newly created ideas for laws, and select:

[Ready for a Vote]

[Needs work] - Please Comment and include one of following:

  1. Suggestions
  2. Reasons why bill needs work or is redundant
  3. Alternate text and grammar suggestions that would make the bill clearer – if the author is substandard in their writing abilities

[Duplicate Bill]

  1. Please submit a link to introduce author to another bill with similar ideas already being worked on in the Deliberation Room
  2. If you don’t have a link, please click on ‘Needs Work’ to provide a comment

Select – five stars for excellent and negative one star for fundamentally awful.

[Report abuse]

  1. Spam or Solicitations
  2. Offensive language or content
  3. Other; Please Explain:

For a bill to move from the New Bills page to the Deliberation Room, it must receive 10 “Ready for a Vote” clicks before it receives ten  “Needs work” votes or “Duplicate” votes.  If the bill is designated a duplicate, it will be sent to the sub-floor of the Depository.  Bills that need work are returned to their author who can choose to either edit and reintroduce, or delete their proposed new law.

Upon receiving comments or “Needs Work” advice, the original author and others can rate this feedback on a scale between 5 stars and one negative star.  Each user of Direct Congress will thus earn a star reputation based on the quality of their feedback and comments.