Deliberation Room

The Deliberation Room is at the heart of Direct Congress and our ability to create excellent laws for America.  Every ‘DC’ participant may search through bills and click on a bold titles which lead to a second selection of options as illustrated:

[Submit to Vote] –> 

[Oppose] –>  

[Like, but…] –> 

– Select five stars for excellent or negative one star for fundamentally awful.

[Comment] –>   Join a blog-like conversation with small adaptations of familiar online forum features:

  • Categorize any comment you submit as Favor, Oppose, or Neutral, regarding the bill
  • Rate others’ comments using the star rating system on a scale of -1 to 5 stars

Once a bill receives a “Submit to Vote” approval by 20% of active participants (citizens who’ve made a contribution within the last month), the bill moves to the Voting Floor of Direct Congress.  Bills are removed from the deliberation room and enter the depository when over 50% of participants click on ‘Like, but another bill is better’ after at least 20 users have selected an option.   A bill will also be sent to the depository if over 80% of the participants who have selected an option, vote to disapprove the bill, or the star rating drops below a half star after at least 20 users have selected an option.

Proposed revisions to a bill are supervised by the original author (The Bill’s Public Sponsor). All proposed revisions may be rated by Direct Congress participants using the star scale of -1 to 5.  A proposed revision that achieves an average star ranking of 4.5 or higher for over 24 hours must be incorporated by the original author of the bill, or Direct Congress  will make the change for the author.  A Bill’s sponsor will only be able to make revisions to the bill at their personal discretion, until the bill has received “Submit to Vote” approval from 1% of active participants, or 1000 participants – whichever is smaller.  During the time a bill is in the deliberation room with between 1% and 20% of active participants’ “Submit to Vote” approval, only revisions that achieve a 4 star rating for over 24 hours may be incorporated into the bill by the Sponsor.

Bills in the deliberation room may be sorted or searched, according to a participant’s preferences.

At My DC Office, a participant may set their preferences to only see and work with real congressional bills, or only work with bills created by participants at Direct Congress.