Shape the Law at each Stage in the life of a bill:


How to Vote on Direct Congress:

1)      Register to vote in federal elections in your state or local precinct.

2)      Join Direct Congress  (See: Eligibility)

3)      Learn about Bills on the Voting Floor, by reading the best arguments other citizens have made and reviewing summaries of non-partisan peer-reviewed studies on the Information page linked to each bill.

4)      Vote: or on current Bills before Congress at our ‘DC’ home page.  Confirm your selection:

5) Congratulations!  You just influenced our country to have more democratic laws.

Want to know more about influencing public opinion and others’ votes?  Learn about our merit-based: system and How Direct Congress Works

Until Direct Congress-contracted Representatives hold significant majorities in Congress, both citizen-created bills and current bills before the U.S. Congress will appear on ‘DC’s’ Voting Floor.   Bills are listed in order of when their voting period will expire first as a default setting – that you can change.