Direct Congress Financial Records

Donated Income:

$10.00 Sandra Dickman, Online Supporter

$25.00 Terry Suter, Sheet metal worker

$25.00 Dan Muroff, A former Chief of Staff in the U.S. Congress

$500.00 Nelson & Donna Suter, Retired Small Business Owners

$50.00 Krist Novoselic, Tall, Community-minded, Accordionist

$20.00 Jesse Eggman, Christian Missionary to Guatemala

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Most Recent Donations are listed first, unless you request otherwise

$50.00 Matthew Rockwell & Erin Fisher, friends of founder

$200.00 Bruce Schimmel, public service media producer

$25.00 Jared Quesenberry, Optometrist

$15.00 Rachel Suter, Elementary School Teacher

$20.00 Greg Johnson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Drexel University

$20.00 Keshar Ghimire, Doctoral Candidate in Economics, Temple University

$72.00 Jerry Silberman, Sustainability Advocate

$528.00 Allison & Cory Suter, Founding Couple

Total Actual Donated Income: $1550.00

Pledges of Support:

$20.00 Evan Waksler

$50.00 Jay Sand, Music Teacher

$1.00 Alex Hoekstra

$25.00 Rabbi George Stern, ‘DC’ Board member

$20.00 Phyllis Hailey Higdon

$20.00 Eric Cahoon

$20.00 Chris McNutt

$20.00 Wesley

$20.00 Muna Ngenda, Ph.D. Student in Economics

$20.00 Kabir Dasgupta, Doctoral Fellow in Economics

$50.00 Linda Hahn, Executive Director of Metropolitan Career Center/Computer Technology Institute

$100.00 Jeff Hornstein, ‘DC’ Board member

Total Accounts Receivable (Pledges): $366.00

Total Income: $1916.00


$68.22 for web services and domain registration

$500.00 deposit to YIKES, Inc  for website development

$81.30 Secure web hosting

$33.00 Investment in website Security

$500 to BLHG Law Firm to file non-profit legal documents

$24.88 Bank & Paypal donation processing fees

$900.00 payments to YIKES, Inc.

Payments due:

$100.00 balance on Invoice from YIKES, Inc for their web site development work

Total Expenses: $2200.60


$650.60 Personal loan from Allison & Cory Suter, Founders

Seeking to Raise:

We are working to raise $12,800 to build the first section of  our planned $153,400 fully secure and functional website – described in How ‘DC’ Works


‘DC’ Staff, A Path to Living Wages:

We will need to raise additional funds over the next two years to finish all the high-end security and website functionality,  provide excellent customer service, and launch a public awareness campaign that can get us to a point where we generate self-sustaining revenue from organizations with more than ten employees who pay a small fee to participate in the discussions on our site.  Contact Us, if you would like a copy of our Business Plan

The Staff of Direct Congress are independent contractors who are paid their requested wages out of the generous donations of participants in Direct Congress, such as yourself.  Donate here, today.  After covering the necessary expenses to keep the website running, donations are shared equally among the staff, until they have received the total amount they have individually billed the organization for their services.

The Chief Steward, always pays himself last and puts the financial stability of the organization above his own private interests.  Website security and maintenance expenses are always paid first.  Then, money goes to our web development firm, our attorney, and finally our staff who are currently volunteering time.  Additional funds will be placed in responsibly-invested, interest-bearing accounts to insure the long-term financial viability of this essential not-for-profit organization.  In Stage Two, we will charge businesses non-profit organizations with over ten employees a small fee to participate in voicing their opinion about legislation as a ‘corporate participant’ on our website.

Billable Provisions of Labor:

Website Steward’s Name and Service:

Actual Pay:

Services Performed for Direct Congress:

Requested Pay Amount or Rate:

Total amount still due for Services – (eventually):

600 hours+ Cory Suter, Chief Content Developer & Administrative Steward


Development, Concept creation, promotions, etc.



15 billed hrs 40+ actual Melinda Guinn, Content Development & Customer Relations


Website Content Development



Paid per Job Oliver Gingrich, JD, Legal Advisor  $500.00 Non-profit legal filings  $500  $0
Paid Per Job Yikes Inc., Website Development Team; Tracy Levesque, Jodie Saueraker, $1400.00

$1500 to launch Concept website



 20+ Jason Killinger & Mark Adams, Graphic Design Logo and banner design
8 Richard Tweedie, JD, MBA,  Volunteer Legal Review


Pro bono Legal Review