Proposing a New Law:

All U.S. Citizens who participate on Direct Congress are welcome to propose and help create new laws, unless they’re on star probation.  By writing the text for a proposed law, you ‘De facto’ commit to be the Bill’s public sponsor for its entire life.  Your real name, chosen affiliation, and picture will be displayed beside that bill, accessible to anyone in the general public for what could potentially be centuries.  You MUST take this responsibility very seriously.

A good citizen only creates and recommends bills that identify their funding source and describe precisely who is responsible to do what.  The money to pay for the law can be ‘raise a specific tax rate’,  ‘deficit spend by issuing new money’, which is another  form of taxation, or ‘change the role of an existing government position to do this new task’.  This key element of the bill must be candidly stated in the Executive Summary.   Keeping bills clear, specific, and concise will generally aid in their advancement.  Adding pet projects and earmarks will not help them win the wide appeal necessary to get the bill to pass the final vote at Direct Congress.

Before Proposing a New Law, Please enter your idea in the ‘DC’ Search bar to join other citizens who may already be working on the same Idea:        ‘DC’ Search Bar: [Please Donate today, to help us complete these functions] If this process feels daunting, please consider forming a small group of people to help you.  Anyone can form a ‘DC’ think tank to help them brainstorm how to best fix an old law or create a new one.

Draft Preview of Form to Create a New Bill:

Do you agree to Sponsor this Bill using your real name and picture for the lifetime of this bill?           □ YES

Have you searched through other citizen’s proposed bills to make sure you are not replicating other efforts?        YES

Do you genuinely have a proposal for something new?       YES

Have you checked whether your proposed federal legislation is justified under Congress’s limited powers in Section 8 of Article I of the U.S. Constitution.         YES          If your idea for a law is not constitutional, you will need to pass a Constitutional Amendment, before submitting your law.

Have you identified the funding source for this legislation?             YES

Is your writing precise?             YES

Have you triple-checked for mistakes?             YES

Would you like to recruit co-sponsors to help promote this new idea for a bill?    Add Bill Co-sponsor(s)  By recruiting your quota of co-sponsors, you can get your bill to move directly to the deliberation room.  Direct Congress encourages Americans to form ‘DC’ think tanks – small groups of people who meet in person to brainstorm ideas to improve laws.

A bill that is carelessly worded will not become American Law.  You must write a genuinely new proposal without spelling errors and agree to the above responsibilities before clicking: Submit Law Proposal a new bill.  Ignoring these guidelines for creating a bill will result in significant delays before your proposal may arrive in the ‘New Bills’ area, while our staff double-checks for clarity and Constitutional compliance.