People’s Mandate

Every bill that wins the majority vote at Direct Congress is sent to the People’s Mandate page.  We expect our current elected leaders to endorse and pass into law the thoroughly-vetted bills that Direct Congress approves.   A key responsibility of ‘DC’-contracted Representatives is to sponsor our popular citizen-created bills in the real U.S. Congress.   During phase one before Direct Congress candidates have won Congressional seats, bills that arrive at our online President’s Desk will still have a good chance of winning support  in our nation’s capital.  In the near future, laws we create together online will become the law of our land.

Any bill that passes the U.S. Congress and arrives at the President’s desk may be vetoed by the President, unless the bill passed with a majority vote greater than two thirds (66.67%).  The standard should be the same for Direct Congress passed bills.  In the more distant future, the U.S. President may receive bills directly from an online voting forum before deciding to sign the legislation.