Reserve Your Own ‘DC’ Office today!

Any U.S. citizen who joins America’s first online voting party with their real name may participate in Direct Congress as new features and candidates in your district launch.   This is a secure website with a privacy protection policy that works for you. ANSWERS to Questions about Joining ‘DC’

Form to Join Direct Congress

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‘DC’ Terms and Conditions: You must be a United States Citizen at least fourteen years of age to submit the Join ‘DC’ form.  You must also agree to use this forum responsibly and with respect to all Americans.  Direct Congress, a publicly-accountable non-profit organization, has the right to limit your participation, if you use foul abusive language after a warning, or drop below a zero star rating.  We will not share your personal information to anyone without your permission.

When may I starting voting directly on laws?  We plan to launch “My ‘DC’ Office” as soon as we can raise enough donations to build an excellent platform.  Once Direct Congress launches, a ‘DC’ participant may not cast a final vote on a proposed law until our staff has verified their eligibility to vote in U.S. elections.

What else might Direct Congress ask me to submit to began voting?  Once ‘DC’ launches our high encryption online voting website within the next two years, you will be asked for further information to verify your unique individual voter registration.  We will likely ask you for your voting ID number, or other eligible state issued ID number for verification purposes.  We may also need your full address, document with proof of address, or other personal information to allow you to Vote on Direct Congress.  We will diligently guard your personal privacy protection, while making sure to protect from all types of voter fraud.

To make public comments or propose new laws and revisions, you will need to provide a real picture, unless you can prove religious exemption or personal endangerment.

Why don’t you make this easier, and let people join through Facebook or LinkedIn?  We are currently building these features.  Keep checking our website as we grow the ‘DC’ movement

To learn more, please visit:  Frequently Asked Questions about Joining ‘DC’