Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Direct Congress’s Mission?

To inspire direct public participation to create transparent, accessible, equitable, and informed lawmaking

Why is Direct Congress a better lawmaking system?

Direct Congress has a citizen review process that encourages good ideas to rise to the top.  American citizens with limited access to lobbyists will again have a voice in what laws get passed.  Ear-marks for special interests are nearly impossible at Direct Congress.  

How does Direct Congress help elected leaders?

Direct Congress will send members of the U.S. Congress a regular update about their constituents' decisions on Direct Congress.  This will help each lawmaker know specifically how to better represent the people of their district or State.  We invite all government staff, and American citizens to: Join DIRECT CONGRESS today

Why should I Join?

The United States will remain the Greatest Inspiration for government in the World.  Direct Congress (‘DC’) is a grass-roots movement to build a forum where you can help continuously improve America's laws.  Security is our number one priority and our privacy protection policy works hard for you.  Please visit Frequently Asked Questions about Joining Direct Congress to learn more.

How does Direct Congress work?

Any citizen may propose a law, which starts in 'New Bills' after initial screening for errors and duplicate efforts.  If ten participants approve that bill before ten citizens determine it needs work, the bill moves to the 'Deliberation Room' to be further perfected.   Unpopular and poorly-designed bills are sent to the 'Depository'.  If 20% of active participants approve, the bill moves to the 'Voting Floor', where all registered voters have seven days to vote on the bill.   Finally, if a bill wins the majority vote, it gets sent to the 'President’s Desk'.   A (Direct Congress) 'DC' citizen-created bill should then be sponsored by our U.S. Congress to become a real law.  Once Direct Congress becomes a truly representative group of Americans and a trusted secure website, we will support candidates who vote the way verified Americans direct them to vote.

How does Direct Congress protect America from “Mob Rule”, or a Tyranny by the Majority?

The Judicial branch of Government and the President’s veto power will continue to protect minorities from unfair or short-sighted laws that a majority of people may occasionally want.  Direct Congress is fully aligned with the three branches of government, America’s founder’s so wisely crafted with Checks & Balances in the U.S. Constitution.  Our Founder’s envisioned a country where the most suitably knowledgeable citizens participate in law-making.   Direct Congress’ online voting system can best achieve this original vision for smart well-deliberated laws. We welcome all Americans to participate in our forums, which are designed to attract thoughtful contributions.  ‘DC’ participants will tend to self-select their involvement based on what they know and care about regarding proposed laws. The vetting process to get a bill through the Direct Congress law-making system encourages informed dialogue, and protects Americans from ear-marks and narrow special interests.  On our website, majorities of people are no longer faceless masses.  Instead, ‘DC’ participants are recognizable individuals who care about their reputations.  If you’re a citizen truly concerned that majorities of Americans will make bad decisions, then please participate in Direct Congress and teach others to create good long-term laws.

What does the ‘DC’ Vision- “America with Opportunity and Justice for all” -mean?

We commit to the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance and want our vision to be understood for the liberty that is important to Americans ( Tea Party and Occupy supporters are excited about us).  ‘DC’ Americans not only want freedom from tyranny and fear; We want hard work and innovation to be rewarded more than political connections and manipulations of our economic system.  The American Dream is for everyone to have an opportunity to be a success.

Are you trying to create a revolution to replace Congress?

No. We are working to use information technology (computers, phones, and Internet) to help the existing established order work better for all Americans.

Who owns this website?

You own this website. is a vital piece of public infrastructure that is committed to work in the best interest of all Americans.  The founders, board of directors, and web developers take seriously their responsibility as civic servants, and plan for a publicly-accountable Federal Election Commission to begin providing oversight in stage three of Our Plan.

How may I help?

Please tell your friends and family about us, and Donate Time and Money generously.  Until the fully functional website launches in stage one, we can make changes to the website without a vote of approval from the American people.   Please let us know your ideas to improve our plans and processes.  Our staff listens.   We encourage thoughtful writers everywhere to spread the news.

Why should we trust you?

A healthy dose of skepticism is necessary when approaching anything new.  We definitely don’t advise you to write us a big check or give us a significant amount of your time up front.  Get to know us through what we’ve created; all of Our Plans, and Financial Records are publicly transparent.   Please learn about our staff and board members; we are not perfect people, but we are successful and have good reputations.

How long will this take?

The full transition to a Direct Congress law-making system will be implemented over decades, so there is plenty of time to educate neighbors, persuade opinions, and improve the ‘DC’ processes.  We are committed to eliminate all known security threats before online votes directly determine the vote of a Congressional representative.  See Our Plan for more details.

Direct Congress appears Internet-based. Are you excluding citizens from the political process?

No.  Direct Congress will accommodate citizens who don’t have access to the internet through an audio enabled version of the website that will be accessible by phone.  Additionally, free internet services are available at most public libraries.

How does the star rating system work?

How does the star rating system work? All proposed bills, revisions, and comments are rated on a scale of negative one to five stars by participants on Direct Congress.  Five stars indicates an excellent contribution while a negative star declares an idea fundamentally awful.  Participants on Direct Congress earn a star reputation through the amount and perceived quality of their contributions on this public forum.

I care about having good laws, but I don’t have time to participate in Direct Congress.

The beauty of good information technology is that you can tailor Direct Congress to do the work of sifting through ideas for you.  Do you only care about laws effecting States Rights?  Do you have no knowledge on the topic, but would still like to weigh in on the final vote?  Regardless of your perspective, you can set up your own ‘DC’ Office to only alert you of bills that are important to you, or only alert you when a bill has finally made it to the Voting Floor, or never alert you.  Because of Direct Congress comprehensive system to avoid duplicate and superfluous laws, our website makes participating in law-making easy for busy professionals.

Direct Congress sounds good, but what happens in an Emergency?

The Direct Congress lawmaking system is generally slow and deliberative, but also has the capacity to quickly create a bill in response to a national emergency or military threat.  At any time, the current U.S. President may sponsor a bill on Direct Congress and ask media to call citizens to quick action.  If an Emergency Resolution of Congress is required, the U.S. President has the power to shorten the voting period on the ‘DC’ Voting Floor from seven days to 24 hours, but must announce this on national media.

How do I propose a new Law?

Direct Congress requires those with ideas for laws to take the responsibility of drafting legislation very seriously.  See: How do I propose a new Law?

May I change a comment after I’ve submitted it?

In order to encourage thoughtful participation in the political process, we do not allow comments to be edited or deleted once they have been posted for more than fifteen minutes.  In contrast, a proposed bill may be revised anytime by the original author during it’s time in the New Bills area.  Once that bill is voted to move to the Deliberation Room, the author may only change the bill if a proposed revision reaches a 4 star rating after ten star ratings.  Please use adult discretion when submitting comments and laws into the public’s long-term record.

How does Direct Congress enforce the commitments that candidates make?

Congressmen and women will be regularly updated with a summary of their constituents work on our website.  In stage two, our movement will support candidates who sign a legally binding pledge to only vote the way a majority of their registered constituents vote online.  Our volunteer attorneys are working hard to figure out what types of fines and legal ramifications can Constitutionally be included.  This contract will not repeat the Grover Norquist shortcoming of forcing elected leaders to not change their mind – even when presented with new information.  Laws passed on Direct Congress are currently relevant.

I’m a candidate for public office. What can I do next?

We are so honored you asked.  You are a visionary leader who will make a tremendous difference in this country.  Your endorsement of Direct Congress’ work will help your campaign and our initiative both get positive media coverage. Please contact us for further information. If you don't think our website is ready, but are interested, please introduce yourself.  We'd like to stay in touch about future opportunities for us to help each other.  Also, please consider sharing the news about our work among your friends or supporting us with a donation.

I represent a business or non-profit group. How may I participate?

Small businesses, Corporations, NGOs, and Non-profit Organizations of any size are allowed to set up a corporate ‘DC’ office by submitting their real trademark logo and other required information.  Organizations may only submit comments on bills that affect their group, sponsor a proposed law, and/or enter information about a bill on the Information page.  Organizations of people, regardless of their legal structure, will never be allowed to vote, submit star ratings, or alter the progress of a bill through Direct Congress in any other way.  Corporate participants in Direct Congress do not have all the privileges of  individual participants, but are welcome to contribute in creating clear, concise and fair laws.

I like big words and ideas. What is Direct Congress?

We are a post-partisan movement to bring peer-reviewed wisdom and the discipline of a free-market system to law-making.  Some of our critics and comrades describe us as an electronic direct democracy, but this interpretation is only partially correct.  The United States is a Republic with democratic voting and Direct Congress is a comprehensive plan to reform the legislative branch of this excellent model for government.  Direct Congress can best be described as a meritocracy where the people with the best ideas for our country inspire popular opinion and directly shape the laws.   America has been and always will be a world-leader in creating the best models for government; it’s time to tweak our system for the better using 21st century information technologyDirect Congress is American Informed Lawmaking.

Why are you bothering with voting on both real congressional bills and citizen-created bills? Isn’t this too complicated?

We know from history that Americans rise to the occasion when empowered.  We want the general public – from the very beginning – to become more engaged in how laws are getting passed, so that together, we can help our elected leaders work in the best interests of the country.
We the People want clear, concise, and commonsense laws to replace complex unjust regulations.  Good laws protect everyone from force and fraud without unfairly giving more welfare to those who hire lobbyists.  We want the best ideas for America to inform the law.
Another big problem with our current law-making is that even Congress members don’t always know what regulations are contained in the bills, on which they vote.  Sometimes, a few Congressional Representatives will add significant amendments to a bill right before the vote, benefiting a few at our expense.   Direct Congress has a thorough process for law making that is fully accountable to the people, does not allow last-minute revisions, and makes ear-marks for special interests almost impossible.

I am not an American citizen. What can I do?

The technology and idea for this website belong to the American people.  Only registered U.S. citizens may vote on Direct Congress.  We are willing to sell licenses to use our proprietary website technology to educational non-profit groups and foreign governments who have a sincere interest in making the world more democratic.  Contact our Chief Steward at to discuss this possibility.  We do not refuse foreign donations.  America has a known history of spreading democracy to other countries and people groups.

What are bills?

Every law starts as a bill proposed by a congressman or a participant in Direct Congress.  In our current U.S. Congress, bills are worked on in committees, moving back and forth between the Senate and House of Representatives until they win a majority vote in both houses of Congress.  Then, they are sent to the President to be signed into law.  On Direct Congress, Bills start in the New Bills area, and move to the Deliberation Room when ten participants approve before ten participants click on ‘Needs work’.   Next, when 20% of active participants approve, the bill moves to the Voting Floor, and finally upon winning a majority vote, gets sent to the President’s Desk.   A (Direct Congress) ‘DC’ citizen-created bill may be adopted by our current congress to become a real law.  Unpopular and poorly designed bills are sent to the Depository.

Will this idea for reform really work?

If you or someone you know has been inspired to donate time or money, then we are indeed moving closer to the critical tipping point needed to empower all Americans to have an influential voice in their government.   Never before has a new technology been so strongly harnessed for good by enduring American Principles.
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