The Depository page contains all bills that never reached the voting floor due to unpopularity or duplication of efforts.  Any citizen is welcome to review failed bills and ‘request’ to resurrect them, if they so choose.  A bill in the Depository can be returned to the Deliberation Room with 1000 ‘requests’ by participants to resurrect the bill.  A bill in the depository will remain in the public record permanently, unless it arrives in the sub-floor of the Depository.

A bill that never makes it from the New Bills page to the Deliberation room will enter the sub-floor of the Depository, where it will be deleted after one year.  A bill in the sub-floor may also be resurrected to the Deliberation room if it can attract 1000 ‘requests’ in favor of reviving it.  Participants in Direct Congress may solicit family members and friends through other websites and in person to come online to help resurrect a bill from the depository.

Direct Congress staff strongly recommend to use adult discretion and not spam people with an overload of information about the happenings of Direct Congress.  Don’t be a “crazy ‘DC’ protestor”!   Instead, use carefully crafted arguments and links to peer reviewed studies to inspire people to your perspective and improve the quality of civic dialogue in America.