You’re Safe & Secure


We take the threat of security breaches to the trustworthiness of this site extremely seriously, and use proprietary encryption technologies to protect the integrity and reliability of this public forum.  We have various firewalls, checks, and balances in place to protect against voting manipulations, including a publicly transparent list of registered voters who participated in a vote.  Manipulating the vote on Direct Congress will soon be much more difficult than robbing an online bank of electronic money.

We use the trusted services of PayPal and Wells Fargo Bank to make sure that your donations go directly to pay for web development.
Additional Options

Security is the top priority of ‘DC’ Staff We cannot repeat ourselves too many times, on this issue.  Many of our ‘DC’ staff are risking long hours of time with no guarantee of pay.  We are investing in the most cutting edge encryption and security services ahead of paying ourselves.

In the rare and very unlikely case of a security breach, Congressmen contracted by our site will not be required to vote something other than what the true majority of participants have indicated with their individually verifiable votes.   Our talented and trustworthy staff are constantly researching and implementing innovative ways to improve the security of Direct Congress.

We will not publicly disclose your individual voting record for privacy reasons, unless you opt in to make your voting record public.  The more citizens who agree to make their voting record public, the harder, it will be to not trust our system.  Any registered voter, may also return to their ‘DC’ office at any time to verify their vote was cast how intended.  In the rare case of vote tampering, we have a protocol which will lead to a ‘DC’ contracted member of Congress being released from their ‘DC’ voting obligations, if it is not possible to determine what the majority truly wants.