Our Privacy Protection Policy

Our privacy policy is to never share or release your personal information, including contact information, voting records, website use patterns, and submitted star ratings.

Our top priority at DirectCongress.org is to protect the security of this website, so that we can keep all of your personal information private.  Direct Congress does not ever use our participants’ private information for individual gain.  The personal information you share with us by using our site, including personal contact information, star rating submissions, and website use patterns will always be kept private. However, any comment you leave or bill you propose will remain in the public record – potentially forever, so Please use caution and adult discretion when posting information publicly on our website.  Comments on proposed bills are NOT private.

Our No-Delete Policy for comments and proposed bills encourages more thoughtful participation in the political debate.  If you notice an error after you submit a comment or law proposal, we allow a user to delete or revise their submission within fifteen minutes of submitting it.  After the fifteen minute grace policy, your words will be in the public record indefinitely.

All votes and star ratings made by individuals are kept strictly anonymous and confidential, unless you – the participant – request to make your record visible to DC staff and/or the general public.  Making one’s voting record publicly viewable may result in unforeseen career problems, but may also generate goodwill, and useful additional feedback to civic leaders.  We intend to launch an optional feature – to be arranged with Facebook and LinkedIn, that will allow ‘DC’ participants to CHOOSE to make their voting record visible to their social networks.   Deciding to make your voting record public is something we advise to take very seriously.  Your decisions online may affect your job prospects.

Direct Congress reserves the right to publish the list of names of people who voted on a certain bill to prove that real verifiable people cast votes, and no one double-voted.  We will never tell anyone which way you voted, unless required to do so in a private Federal audit.  If this rare possibility occurs, we will do everything in our power to not let our staff see this information and to keep it fully private.  The only information that will be publicly viewable and searchable will be the comments you submit and the bills you choose to sponsor publicly.