We believe that transparency is the best protection against fraud and abuse.  If you are working in the public interest and have nothing to hide to protect public security, then don’t hide it.  All records of Direct Congress, including detailed financial statements and board meeting minutes are accessible to anyone with a connection to the internet.

All citizens are asked to use their real first name, real last name, and real picture when participating in Direct Congress.  If you are concerned about the potential for discrimination based on your involvement with this site, we encourage you to participate by voting and using the star ratings, which are fully anonymous and confidential.   We commit to never disclose individuals star rating records and voting histories, unless you request your actions to not be anonymous on our website.  All data that is collected on Direct Congress will never be sold or bartered.   See: Privacy Policy for more information.   Strict federal consumer protection laws should discourage Employers and Insurers from discriminating on the basis of involvements online.

Don’t like how we operate?  You can hold us accountable and change how we operate with a DC Process Bill, or just contact us with a suggestion, anytime before we formally launch phase one of Our Plan.