Who We Are

Direct Congress is America’s first online voting party.

Mission:  To inspire direct public participation to create transparent, accessible, and informed lawmaking

Vision: America with Opportunity and Justice for All

We build secure information technologies that empower people to create excellent laws

People: ‘DC’ Staff and Board of Directors

Founding Principles: U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Checks & Balances, Transparency, Privacy Protection, Security, No-Advertisements, Individual Opportunity, History, Science, and Math

How We Operate: Direct Congress has a thorough process for law making that is fully accountable to the people, does not allow last-minute revisions, and makes ear-marks for special interests nearly impossible.  Our Staff builds: Security, Privacy Protection, Accountability, Open Financial Records, and a merit-based star rating & review system into everything we do.

Our Plan:  Raise Money for Launch of “My DC Office   By July 4th, 2014) Complete Online Voting Forum  Stage 2) Post-Partisan Political Party    Stage 3) Empowered Communities, Individuals & States

Legal Status: We are legally registered as a Pennsylvania non-profit organization, and are filing paperwork towards gaining Federal 501(c)4 status

Our Needs:  We are working to raise $25,000 to put a deposit on building our planned $153,400 fully secure and functional website.    Please Donate.  Every small gift is a big help.

Frequently Asked Questions